Sunday, April 24, 2016

IT News Head Lines ( 25/04/2016

QOTW: How much storage do you have inside your main PC?

Is it more or less than a few years ago?

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HEXUS Week In Review: camo monster laptops, SFX PSUs

Your chance to catch up on the week's tech developments.

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Study of fireflies boosts OLED efficiency by over 60 per cent

Scientists looked at the structure of the ‘lantern’ in which fireflies hold their chemicals.

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MSI launches Aegis compact desktop gaming PC

‘Designed from scratch’ to provide desktop gaming power in a compact form.

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Tesoro launches GRAM Spectrum slim mechanical keyboard

Using Tesoro’s own AGILE 'red' or 'blue' low-profile mechanical switches.

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Review: Corsair SF600 SFX PSU

Does going small mean compromises?

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PC Specialist launches enthusiast Liquid Series PCs

Now offering premium liquid-cooling on gamer systems.

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Next@Acer event debuts more Predator gaming gear

And there’s an interesting liquid cooled 2-in-1 called the Switch Alpha 12.

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Corsair intros trio of RAPIDFIRE Cherry MX Speed keyboards

The K70/K65 RGB RAPIDFIRE and K70 RAPIDFIRE feature Cherry MX Speed keys.

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Cherry MX Speed launched, "the fastest mechanical MX switch"

Actuation point at just 1.2mm, and 45cN actuation force, contribute to its speed.

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