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IT News Head Lines (AnandTech) 5/11/2015


Rightware's Benchmark Division Acquired By Basemark
Yesterday, Rightware founder Tero Sarkkinen aquired Rightware's benchmarking unit and made it part of his newly founded company, Basemark Ltd. Sarkkinen founded Rightware as well five years ago, making this subsequent purchase a spin-off of sorts that sees the Basemark division being recreated as its own company.

Rightware's benchmarks such as Basemark OS II and Basemark X are ones that we use in many of our reviews. Today's deal is more like Rightware's benchmarking division separating into a new company rather than them being acquired. All of the Rightware benchmarking division's existing technologies, licenses, and commercial contracts have been transferred to the new company as part of the deal. More info about the new independent Basemark Ltd and their benchmarks can be found in the link below.

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The Intel Xeon E7-8800 v3 Review: The POWER8 Killer?
The story behind the high-end Xeon has been the same for the past 5 years: Intel's most expensive beats the Oracle alternative in every way you can look at it, and offers better performance per watt/dollar than the massive IBM Power servers. And each time a new generation of quad/octal socket Xeons is born, Intel increases the corecount, RAS features and performance per core while charging a lot more for the top SKUs. From the Intel side, this new generation is no different: more cores, better RAS, slightly more performance per core and ... higher prices.

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Are "Keyless Entry" Hacks Really the Source of Recent Car Break Ins?
My investigation did reveal some Chinese sites selling devices which claimed to be able to detect and amplify car key signals at range

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