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IT News Head Lines (Overclockers Club) 25/02/2016

Overclockers Club

Fnatic Gear Flick G1 Optical Mouse Review

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Version 0.8.7 of GPU-Z Released by TechPowerUp
TechPowerUp has officially released version 0.8.7 of GPU-Z, which brings in a multitude of fixes, improvements, and support for various hardware. The popular graphics subsystem information, monitoring, and diagnostic utility now properly detects the Radeon Software Crimson Edition Driver version, provides improved explanations for OpenCL detection errors on AMD GPUs, includes updated Armenian language texts, offers various stability fixes, and always displays the Revision ID as two digits. Version 0.8.7 also includes support for a multitude of NVIDIA, AMD, and Intel graphics processing units, and boasts fixes for a variety of detection issues.
The latest version of GPU-Z from TechPowerUp, which is available in a special ASUS ROG theme, can be downloaded from the software's official website.
Source: TechPowerUp

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Check if Your PC Can Support the HTC Vive
The price of the upcoming Vive from HTC and Valve was just announced within the past few days, and the SteamVR Performance Test app will help determine if your system meets the hardware requirements. The minimum recommend specs are somewhat steep and now would be a good time for users that have been putting off new components to upgrade. Users that want to enjoy the VR experience should have "at least a 5th gen Intel Core i7 or 6th gen Core i5, 8 GB of RAM, and a more or less recent NVIDIA (or AMD) GPU." The app runs a two minute sequence from the Valve Aperture Robot Repair VR demo and tests if the content can run "smoothly" at 90 fps. In the event of a failed test, the app will tell you where the bottleneck is, potentially cutting down on the amount of components to upgrade.
Source: Slash Gear

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Hardware Roundup: Tuesday, February 23, 2016, Edition
A new day is here, with a few items to kick things off. There are two different takes on the Samsung Portable SSD T3, with one covering the 1TB and the other the 2TB. This new external drive revamps the original model and improves upon it in some areas, like with USB 3.1 Type-C support, a 2TB capacity, and more, so be sure to check out the reviews to see just how it performs. We also have a review on the Logitech Artemis Spectrum G933/G633 headset, with one wireless and the other wired, to see how the new versions stack up to the competition.
Storage/Hard Drives

Samsung Portable SSD T3 2TB @ PC Perspective

Samsung Portable SSD T3 1TB @ TechSpot

Logitech Artemis Spectrum G933/G633 Headset @ PC Perspective

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Robotic Arm Creates Cyborg Drummer
According to various pieces of science fiction, we will someday see humans augmented with robotic components to improve their capabilities. At least in one regard, that day has come as researchers at the Georgia Institute of Technology have created a robotic third arm for drummers.
This is not the researchers first time building an arm to play drums as they had made a robotic prosthesis for a drummer who lost his arm in an accident. The new arm does not replace an old organic arm, but gives the drummer a third, smart arm that will follow their tempo and movement as they play. It accomplishes this by listening to the drummer play and following programing from human motion capture technology.
Currently it just works by paying attention to the drummer and reacting as is appropriate, but the next step is to connect it to an EEG to monitor brain patterns. Ideally this will allow more direct control by the drummer as it reacts to thoughts and not just actions. Beyond playing music, this third arm could have many other applications, such as being an extra hand for doctors, for getting tools and supplies.

Source: Georgia Institute of Technology

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