Wednesday, February 24, 2016

IT News Head Lines ( 25/02/2016

Epic showcases real-time Vulkan graphics on Samsung Galaxy S7

And Nvidia updates the SHIELD Android TV with Vulkan support.

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Sony introduces a trio of Xperia X Series smartphones

And announces the Xperia Ear, Xperia Eye and Xperia Projector accessories.

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Valve's SteamVR Performance Test assesses PC VR readiness

A 2-minute sequence from Valve's Aperture Robot Repair VR demo is behind the test.

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LG demos flagship G5 smartphone

Tom Etherington shows off the handset's UI, camera and modular potential.

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Intel reveals its 5G plans and industry collaborators

Companies like LG, Ericsson, Nokia and SK Telecom are all working with Intel on 5G.

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Acer gets a taste for Windows 10 Continuum

Liquid Jade Primo suggests there's more to Windows Phone than just Lumia.

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