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IT News Head Lines (Overclockers Club) 31/12/2015

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Steam's Best Sellers of 2015 Revealed
The year is nearing its end, which means taking a look back at all that's been accomplished in 2015. In the case of Valve and its Steam platform, it means the perfect time to see what games were the biggest sellers of 2015 (between April and December, since no data exists from before April). Topping the chart with more than 5.5 million sales is Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Grand Theft Auto V comes second with nearly 3.6 million sales, Fallout 4 is third at nearly 2.5 million, ARK: Survival Evolved is fourth at close to 2.2 million, and Rocket League rounds out the top five at 1.9 million. Other highlights from the best sellers of 2015 include Skyrim at 1.5 million sales (good enough for eighth), The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt in tenth at just over one million sales, Fallout: New Vegas in thirteenth with just over one million, Cities: Skylines racking up more than 900,000 sales for fifteenth, and Elite: Dangerous finishing up the top 25 with over 600,000 sales. All these numbers are just approximations based on what SteamSpy has gathered.
If you're curious about the best sellers of games that released in 2015, well, GTA V leads the way, with Fallout 4 second (and with nearly one million fewer owners), ARK: Survival Evolved comes third, H1Z1 in fourth, and Cities: Skylines in fifth. The Witcher 3 is in ninth, Killing Floor 2 in thirteenth, Life is Strange right behind it in fourteenth, Elite: Dangerous next, Pillars of Eternity after that, and then Batman: Arkham Knight and Mad Max rounding things out in 24th and 25th, respectively. For even more sales numbers, including the leaders in certain countries, hit up the source below to see the full list.
Source: Medium via ThinkComputers

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Eight New Intel Processors Announced, Including Two Skylakes Without Integrated GPU
Intel has recently released some more entries in both its Skylake and Broadwell lines, with a total of eight new processors now in the mix. Two of them are desktop parts, with the rest a mobile processor, and it is those desktop processors that are a little different. The Core i3-6098P and Core i5-6402P are Skylake parts without an integrated graphics chip, hence the 'P' suffix at the end of their name. The i3-6098P is a dual-core processor with HyperThreading, a 3.6GHz clock speed, and 3MB of cache. The 6402P is a quad-core part with a 2.8GHz clock speed and 6MB of cache. The 6098P comes in at $117 and the 6402P at $182, so these could be ideal for those on a limited budget and already running a video card.
There's no word on when the Core i3-6098P and Core i5-6402P will arrive, nor the mobile processors also announced. Hopefully we'll have word on that soon. The mobile processors include: Celeron 3855U, Celeron 3955U, Core i5-5200DU, Core i5-6198DU, Core i5-5500DU, and the Core i5-6498U.
Source: Legit Reviews

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