Tuesday, December 29, 2015

IT News Head Lines (HEXUS.net) 30/12/2015


Epic Giveaway Day 22: Win one of two Qpad gaming bundles

Two lucky readers will each bag a keyboard, mouse, headset and mousepad!

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Firefox OS may be installed on HDMI sticks, routers, tablets etc

Surprising turn after Mozilla abandoned smartphone plans earlier this month.

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Surface Phone hinted at by Microsoft chief marketing officer

Says that an upcoming phone must offer a real breakthrough.

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Does job vacancy posting point to Elite: Dangerous Linux version?

SteamOS needs more blockbuster games and Elite: Dangerous could be one of them.

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Fujitsu to spin off its PC and mobile divisions in February

Fujitsu Client Computing Limited will contain its laptop and desktop divisions.

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Researchers investigate North Korea's Red Star OS 3

Based on Fedora Linux. It's MAC OS X skinned, privacy invading and very hard to tamper with.

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