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IT News Head Lines (Overclockers Club) 30/11/2015

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Total War: Warhammer Trailer Showcases the Orcs
A new trailer was released for the next entry in the Total War franchise, Total War: Warhammer. The game is based around the fantasy realm made popular in the Games Workshop tabletop game. This latest trailer focuses on the Orcs, specifically the Black Orcs led by Warboss Grimgor Ironhide. The trailer was created using the in-game engine and gives a preview of the "sheer range of cities and terrain you can aspire to conquer, from the Badlands in the south to the Chaos Wastes in the North." As a fan of both the Total War and Warhammer franchises, I have high hopes for this game and will continue to follow eagerly.
Source: PC Gamer

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Thermaltake Introduces Pacific M3 Water Block for the MSI Z170A Gaming M5 Motherboard
Thermaltake Introduces Pacific M3 Water Block for the MSI Z170A Gaming M5 Motherboard
Thermaltake, a leader in computer chassis, thermal solutions, and power supply units, has partnered with MSI, one of the world's largest information technology manufacturers, to create and introduce the Pacific M3 motherboard water block. The water block, which is crafted specifically for the MSI Z170A Gaming M5 motherboard, successfully cools an Intel LGA1511 socket-type CPU as well as the power regulation module. Thermaltake’s Pacific M3 features a 0.15mm micro-channel fin construction that provides excellent heat dissipation and clearance for other components, and also offers G1/4 thread ports to accept any industry standard fittings. The Pacific M3 water block also boasts Tt LCS certification, meaning that it has been put through the rigorous hardcore enthusiast standards internally set up by Thermaltake.
Source: Press Release

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Sensor Developed for Detecting Materials in Asteroids and More
A somewhat common concept in science fiction is the mining of asteroids and other airless bodies for various materials. In the coming decades this could become a reality, and researchers at Vanderbilt and Fisk Universities, NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory, and the Planetary Science Institute have recently created something that should help. They have developed a new gamma ray detector that is extremely efficient compared to current systems.
Gamma rays are very high energy photons and are also well known in science fiction. The current gold standard for gamma-ray spectroscopy is high purity germanium, but these systems require a lot of power and cryogenic cooling. Space missions are not really able to supply these needs, but a sensor based on europium-doped strontium iodide (SrI2)is far easier to work with. This newly discovered material is transparent and when a gamma ray hits it, a flash is created that can be seen and recorded. The idea is that a spacecraft of lander could have one of these gamma ray detectors on board and use it to pick up the gamma rays emanating from subsurface materials after they are struck by omnipresent cosmic rays.
By needing less power, weighing less, and being cheaper to make, SrI2 detectors could prove invaluable when an asteroid mining economy starts up. Before then though, we may see them appear on various spacecraft with the purpose of studying make-up of objects throughout the Solar System.
Source: Vanderbilt University

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