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IT News Head Lines (PCSTATS) 29/10/2015


QNAP TS-251 and TS-451 Review

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CooYoo Quantum Ti Titanium LED Flashlight
Today we’ll be taking a look at what QNAP has to offer in the TS-251 and TS-451 – two NAS units which are designed to cater for Home and SOHO users. Both products utilise 2.41GHz dual-core processors and DDR3 memory on the hardware-side and take advantage of the new QTS 4.2 OS on the software-side.


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HyperX Fury 2666MHz CL15 HX426C15FBK2 2x8GB DDR4 Review: Fast and Furious
"I’ve got another flashlight for review today from our friends over at GearBest and it’s titanium so it’s made to be rugged and something you’ll take with you everywhere. The light is called the CooYoo Quantum Ti LED Flashlight, the Ti meaning titanium and it’s an LED light but it’s tiny coming in at under two inches long and it’s waterproof and II... [PCSTATS]

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Apple A9 is unique in its design
If current prices are any indication, DDR4 is the new normal. Not only are DDR4 supplies steadily increasing, the prices have also become progressively much more affordable ever since the few months leading to the release of Intel's Skylake CPUs. This also means that the DDR4 market is becoming competitive and the winner in the end is the consumer ... [PCSTATS]

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