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IT News Head Lines (Overclockers Club) 5/12/2015

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Rumored iPhone 7 Specs Begin to Leak
The next set of iPhones are apparently set to release in just another four months time, with a trio of phones expected in the release. The iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, and iPhone 7 Mini will join the growing lineup of phones from Apple in September. The phones may be powered by 14nm FinFET ARM A9 processors from Samsung and may also use the USB Type C port, similar to the latest MacBooks. One of the most significant potential features is rumored to be a dual-lens camera module with "DSLR-level picture quality." Aside from these changes, the phones are largely expected to remain the same with small design changes to make the phones the "lightest, thinnest" designs yet.
Source: WCCF Tech

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