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Take home 'Horrible Bosses 2' in our Blu-ray giveaway
To celebrate this week's release of the hilarious comedy sequel 'Horrible Bosses 2' on Blu-ray HD, DVD and Digital, we have copies of the Blu-ray to give away to ten lucky readers.

New Crime... Same Tools. The follow-up to the 2011 hit comedy 'Horrible Bosses' reunites Jason Bateman, Charlie Day and Jason Sudeikis as everyone's favorite working stiffs: Nick, Dale and Kurt. Fed up with answering to higher-ups, Nick, Kurt and Dale decide to become their own bosses and launch their own business. Soon, though, a slick investor (Waltz) pulls the rug out from under them. Outplayed and desperate, and with no legal recourse, the three would-be entrepreneurs hatch a misguided plan to kidnap the investor's adult son (Pine) and ransom him to regain control of their company.

To go into the running to take a Blu-ray home, simply answer the following question in no more than 50 words:

What was the worst boss you ever had, and how did they earn the title?

To enter, simply 'like' this post and share via Facebook or Twitter and send your answers, along with your postal address to ben at TweakTown dot com before the competition closes on April 24th.

'Horrible Bosses' is available on Blu-ray HD, DVD and Digital from Australian retailers from April 23rd.

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The ESEA $144,000 CS:GO finals are on now
The ESEA live grand finals are currently happening over on Twitch.TV right now, with two of the worlds best teams fighting it out for the largest slice of the $200,000 prize pool.

We won't spoil exactly who's in the finals just in case you haven't been catching up to date. If you're wanting to watch the action for yourselves, tune in here.

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Thermaltake Australia flies down modder for watercooling series
Due to observation through social media, we've observed that Thermaltake Australia has flown down Stuart Tonks from Queensland to their Australian office in Victoria, Australia in order to produce a watercooling web series and PC build.

We've covered a few of Tonks' builds before, including this monster Coolermaster HAF Stacker and a previous Thermaltake Core X9 build and he has also been selected by Thermaltake to represent Australia in their modding competition.

Looking into their media manager Jonathan Newton's Instagram, a post was made of an energy drink with the caption "my morning companion. Picking up a special guest for #thermaltake from Melbourne airport to help film a #webseries about #liquidcooling for PC's. Stay tuned people :) #pcmods #pcmodding #lcs."

Not long after Newton's Instagram snap, Tonks made a Facebook post stating "just checked in to hotel, time to build," picturing a Thermaltake Core X9 case as seen above.

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NASA says private space efforts to reach Mars will need support
There is a next-generation space race brewing, as government space agencies and private companies set their sights on the Red Planet of Mars.

Even though the private sector has greatly aided NASA, which is without a space shuttle - and has fought in recent years for every penny in its budget - there doesn't seem to be a realistic way to reach Mars without support from NASA: "No commercial company without the support of NASA and government is going to get to Mars," said Charles Bolden, NASA administrator, in a recent statement published by Engadget.

NASA would like to send a manned mission to Mars, especially after recent findings offer insight that large bodies of water once existed on its surface. NASA's biggest ambition is to reach Mars, with researchers interested in trying to land there sometime in the 2030s - and learn what happened on the planet while it was possibly habitable in its history.

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TSMC aiming for 10nm production next year, followed by 7nm in 2017
During its Q1 2015 earnings conference, TSMC has said that it will be enter 10nm production next year, following with 7nm production in 2017. The Taiwanese giant has said that its 16nm production is behind, but still promises 10nm for 2016.

With its recent troubles with the 16nm FinFET manufacturing process, with three major setbacks that have resulted in nine months of delay to 16nm-based products. TSMC had troubles with its 16nm node, forcing Qualcomm to ask Samsung to produce its shrunken technology, and there's even rumors that NVIDIA could rely on Samsung for its next-gen node.

TSMC has stated that its issues are behind them now, with 10nm and 7nm on track for 2016 and 2017, respectively. TSMC has already displayed working 10nm silicon, with the process expected to be nailed down later this year and 10nm products into consumers hands by late 2016, after which expanded volume production in early 2017 will take place. This will have a roll on effect with the sales of 10nm hitting TSMC's hands, that will push into the second batch of 10nm, and into 7nm, too.

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Star Wars: Battlefront won't use Battlelog, has offline singleplayer
We've been finding out a bunch of details on Star Wars: Battlefront lately, where we know it will run at 60FPS on both the Xbox One and PS4, it'll be released on November 17, and it has some very beautiful visuals.

Now we know that DICE will not be forcing Battlelog onto anyone with Battlefront, but we're also going to see solo, and offline "Missions" which will feature bots. Niklas Fegraeus from DICE confirmed the news through Twitter where he said: "We have a feature called Missions that allow you to play solo or cooperatively with bots on or offline".

The bigger news here is that Battlelog won't be used, which is what's required to play Battlefield 4 and Battlefield: Hardline. You need to login through your web browser, with the launch happening from the browser for both single and multiplayer. Assistant Producer on Star Wars: Battlefront, Jesper Nielsen, has said that Battlefront won't require Battlelog, and that Star Wars: Battlefront system to launch the game is "built from scratch" and that there will be "no browser game launching".

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Rockstar fixes login problems with the first patch for GTA V
Rockstar Games is right on top of the issues with Grand Theft Auto V on the PC, with the latest version 1.01 patch fixing some of the issues that people were having with the game. We've benchmarked the game at 1080p, 1440p and 4K too - so if you want to check out the performance on the game, check out our benchmarks.

The biggest issue that was fixed was the login issue, with version 1.01 fixing the problem that users were having from their Windows usernames. If your username featured characters other than alphanumeric (the letters A-Z, and numbers 0-9) then the game wouldn't launch properly. The studio offered a workaround last week, which had users needing to create a new administrator account on Windows, which isn't how you should deal with a problem when you've dropped $80 for a game.

Other issues have been fixed, such as the high CPU usage and potential crashes the game would have. The list is extensive, which you can check out below.

  • Fixed an issue where the GTA 5 Launcher would use an abnormally high percentage of CPU and sometimes crash
  • Fixed an issue where frame rate would drop when left-clicking the mouse while driving
  • Added a grid to the Golf mini-game to show the topology of the green while putting
  • Fixed an issue where a character's eyebrows or other facial features could change erroneously when transferred to PC
  • Fixed an issue where a some players were asked to transfer their GTA Online character while a transfer was already in progress
  • YouTube uploads via the Rockstar Editor will now correctly resume if Internet connection is lost during the upload and later restored
  • Fixed a rare issue where the game could crash while using the Rockstar Editor
  • Projects containing deleted clips will now load properly in the Rockstar Editor and warn the player of the missing clips
  • Fixed an issue where birds were not recorded correctly in Rockstar Editor clips
  • Corrected an issue where certain characters in Windows usernames would cause the Launcher to fail to load or other undesired game behavior. For details, see this page.
  • Fixed an issue where players with one garage would not be able to replace an existing vehicle if the garage was full and the new vehicle was purchased from an in-game website
  • Additional fixes to prepare for iFruit support
  • Crew Tire Smoke can no longer be purchased if you are not in a Crew

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ASUS Announces that All its Z97 and X99 Motherboards Support NVMe
ASUS today announced that it is the world's first motherboard brand to support all NVM Express (NVMe) storage devices via a simple UEFI BIOS update and optional ASUS Hyper Kit expansion card.

The free UEFI BIOS update enable all ASUS X99 and Z97 motherboards to be compatible with the latest NVMe storage devices, including those with PCI Express (PCIe) and M.2 (PCIe) interfaces. All ASUS X99 motherboards are also compatible with the latest 2.5-inch NVMe SFF-8639 solid-state drives (SSDs), via the exclusive ASUS Hyper Kit expansion card - for ultimate data-transfer bandwidth up to 32 Gbit/s.

NVM Express: The ultra-fast future of PC storage

NVM Express is a new storage architecture that upgrades the popular Advanced Host Controller Interface (ACHI) standard. The new technology eliminates the bottlenecks that constrain the performance of the newest SSD storage devices and improves power-efficiency, driving performance to new extremes and reducing running costs.

Only when connected via NVMe are consumers able to experience the very best performance from the latest-generation SSD storage devices for data-transfers are up to five times (5X) faster than traditional 6Gbit/s SATA connections.

Flexible and easy NVM Express support for all ASUS X99 and Z97 owners

All ASUS X99 and Z97 motherboards offer support for the latest-generation NVMe devices via a fast and simple UEFI BIOS update, applied using the ASUS-exclusive USB BIOS Flashback. This innovative utility downloads the latest UEFI BIOS to a USB flash drive, enabling users to update the award-winning ASUS UEFI BIOS quickly and easily. The motherboard does not even need to have a processor or memory modules in place: users simply connect the power supply, plug in their USB drive, press the USB BIOS Flashback or Reset button and then sit back and wait - there's nothing else to do.

Once upgraded, all ASUS X99 and Z97 motherboards offer full support for both PCIe and M.2 NVMe storage devices. With the optional ASUS Hyper Kit expansion card, owners of ASUS X99 motherboards are free to attach 2.5-inch NVMe storage devices via the SFF-8639 (Mini-SAS HD) connector provided by Hyper Kit. ASUS Hyper Kit can be also purchased separately.


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AquaComputer Announces New Water-blocks for NVIDIA GTX Titan X
As of now Aqua Computer offers six different water blocks for the NVIDIA GTX TITAN X video card. The kryographics for GTX TITAN X is CNC-milled from a 10mm thick high-purity electrolytic copper block and entirely made in Germany. The GPU, RAM and voltage regulators are covered by the block while the GPU area features a micro structure with a 0.5mm grid. All relevant areas are also covered by the flow path of the cooling liquid to provide an excellent cooling performance.

The contact surface of the base is high gloss polished. To gain the last bit of cooling performance the kryographics for GTX TITAN X allows using thermal grease instead of thermal pads for the RAM chips. For an easy installation the block comes with preassembled distance pieces so the screws can be tightened as far as they will go to achieve an optimal contact pressure. The block can be used with regular G1/4" fittings and the connection terminal offers threads into both directions. The regular connection terminal can be also exchanged with the optional kryoconnect adapters which can be used for SLI setups.

Besides the pure copper base customers can also get nickel plated variants. The Plexiglas cover of the acrylic glass edition and black edition is also milled from a solid block like the base. To avoid the risk of cracks Aqua Computer uses casted Plexiglas and does not drill any threads inside the cover. The cover is held in place by a stainless steel frame which allows for an evenly distributed pressure.

Variants and prices (incl. VAT):

kryographics for GTX TITAN X - 94,90 Euro kryographics for GTX TITAN X acrylic glass edition - 104,90 Euro kryographics for GTX TITAN X black edition - 104,90 Euro kryographics for GTX TITAN X, nickel plated version - 104,90 Euro kryographics for GTX TITAN X acrylic glass edition, nickel plated version - 114,89 Euro kryographics for GTX TITAN X black edition, nickel plated version - 114,89 Euro

All blocks are in stock and already available through several resellers. An optional passive and active backplate will follow soon.


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ViewSonic Introduces New Line of Ultra HD Monitors
ViewSonic Corp., a leading global provider of visual solution products, introduces its new line of Ultra HD monitors. The VP2780-4K is ViewSonic's flagship Ultra HD monitor designed with a professional grade panel and connectivity; the VG2860mhl-4K is designed for commercial and enterprise applications featuring a flexible ergonomic stand; and the VX2475Smhl-4K brings multimedia to life from video games to action-packed movies. Building upon its award-winning display heritage, ViewSonic's new Ultra HD monitors meet the needs of demanding gaming enthusiasts to color-critical design professionals.

"With more UHD content now available and consumers showing increased interest of using Ultra HD displays at work and at home, ViewSonic is harnessing two decades as a leader and innovator in displays to deliver a complete portfolio of Ultra HD monitors," said Kenneth Mau, senior product marketing manager at ViewSonic Corp.

Ultra HD Professional Monitor

For color-critical multimedia design applications like graphic design, photography, and video editing, ViewSonic's flagship VP2780-4K 27-inch Ultra HD LED monitor is the ideal professional solution with 3840x2160 at 60Hz native resolution. With SuperClear IPS panel technology, 1.07 billion color capability, and Delta E2, the VP2780-4K delivers accurate color performance for wide-angle viewing. Equipped with advanced EBU color space and wide-range gamma setting, the Ultra HD monitor provides optimized screen adjustments for different viewing scenarios. One of the first Ultra HD monitors to feature future-proof HDMI 2.0 to support 3840x2160 content at 60Hz, the VP2780-4K also includes advanced DisplayPort, dual MHL, and 4-port USB 3.0 connectivity. The VP2780-4K is available now with a MSRP of $1,091.00(USD).

Ultra HD Business Monitor

From scientific renderings to finance and surveillance applications, the VG2860mhl-4K 28-inch Ultra HD LED monitor offers stunning definition with 3840x2160 native resolution. For the ultimate work station, the monitor features future-proof connectivity including DisplayPort 1.2a, Mini DisplayPort, HDMI 1.4, MHL and DVI inputs, and 4 USB ports. A flexible ergonomic design delivers optimum user comfort while MultiPicture allows for simultaneous viewing of up to four split windows for maximum productivity. The VG2860mhl-4K is available now at a MSRP of $885.00(USD).

Ultra HD Multimedia Monitor

The VX2475Smhl-4K Ultra HD multimedia monitor features 3820x2160 native resolution for an incredible front-of-screen entertainment experience. The thin and sleek 24-inch form factor includes professional SuperClear PLS panel technology for wide-angle viewing and 4ms response time that provides lifelike multimedia content. Future-proof connectivity options include DisplayPort 1.2a and MHL for flexible viewing of high-definition content while HDMI2.0 supports Ultra HD content at 60Hz - delivering smooth gaming and video content without streaking, blurring, or ghosting. Available in May, the VX2475Smhl-4K is positioned to be one of the best valued Ultra HD monitors with a MSRP of $611.00(USD).

All of ViewSonic's new Ultra HD monitors include the company's unique ViewMode technology that enhances front-of-screen performance with five preset user options including Text, Game, Movie, Web, and Mono mode while Flicker-Free technology reduce eye fatigue. The new Ultra HD monitors are all backed by ViewSonic's industry-leading pixel performance guarantee and three-year limited warranty.


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Rapoo Announces VPRO V800 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard
Rapoo, one of the world's leading manufacturers of peripherals in the wireless segment and the first manufacturer of products featuring 5 GHz wireless technology, holds an impressive 42% market share in China. Today, it proudly launches its new V800 Backlit Mechanical Gaming Keyboard. VPRO Gaming Labs, Rapoo's dedicated specialist department backed up by a 120-strong R&D team and one of Asia's most cutting-edge production facilities, has revised the V800 specifically for the European market - and now the final details about the V800 Backlit Mechanical Gaming Keyboard are ready for release.

The V800 has ultra-durable switches thanks to VPRO Gaming Labs choice of yellow Kailh switches from Kaihua Electronics. These advanced switches ensure keystrokes feel the same throughout their lifespan of up to 60 million operations. With a 2 mm activation point and 50 g operating force the keys offer an ultra-fast response speed, even in the heat of battle. But this isn't the only area where VPRO Gaming Labs' focus is on offering maximum quality: Both the materials as well as the finish meet the highest standards. Among the revisions made for the European market, the keyboard has a matt coating. This non-slip material offers more grip and is less prone to finger marks. All five dedicated macro keys (G1-G5) on the left-hand side of the keyboard can also be customized for lightning-fast access to macros.

5 profiles including Gaming Mode button

Each of the 5 profiles can be customized to suit the gamer's preferences and are conveniently stored in the V800's 2 MB of onboard memory. As a really special feature, VPRO developed the Gaming Mode. This allows easy toggling between game and Windows settings. For instance, pressing the Gaming Mode button deactivates the Windows function keys automatically.

Multi-level backlighting system for top-secret night-time missions

All the keys on the V800 are backlit. This offers total control over the keyboard even in total darkness. The multi-level key illumination function offers five backlighting modes. A dedicated backlighting button on the top-right of the keyboard means it's easy to adjust the brightness level. The V800 also has an additional feature: "Breathing" mode. When selected, the keyboard takes control of the backlighting, smoothly fading the lighting in and out.

Customizable keys and rapid input processing

109 of the 113 keys on the V800 are individually programmable, including with self-recorded and precisely timed macros. These can be recorded and edited in a flash using the supplied Macro Manager included in the driver.

The computing power required for rapid input processing is provided by the V-Power3 Gaming Chip which packs a 60 MHz 32-bit ARM Core processor. This makes the keyboard a truly customized tool which responds to every key press and executes every command at breakneck speed.

Anti-ghosting and online live-update

The V800's anti-ghosting function builds on the V700, allowing simultaneous execution of multiple commands regardless of how many keys are pressed at the same time. The driver's online live-update feature informs the user automatically about new firmware and driver updates.

Maximum sturdiness & stability + dimensions

The V800 is housed in a tough casing which makes the keyboard incredibly sturdy. Here too, VPRO has improved the stability of the V800 compared to the V700. The revised fold-out keyboard legs, finished with a rubberized coating, grip most surfaces ensuring the keyboard remains rooted to the spot. The V800 measures in at 506 Ã- 180 Ã- 40 mm and weighs 1510 g. The braided USB cable is 2 m long and doesn't get tangled up while the keyboard is being carried around thanks to the additional transport clip. This killer package is rounded off by a 1000 Hz USB polling rate plus gold-plated USB connector.

Availability and pricing

The V800 Backlit Mechanical Gaming Keyboard is available now for an MSRP of 119.00.

Tech Specs:

  • 113 mechanical keys, 109 programmable keys
  • 5 dedicated macro keys
  • Multi-level backlighting system with 5 modes
  • Gaming Mode/Standard Mode button
  • 1000 Hz USB Polling Rate
  • Anti-Ghosting
  • 2 mm Key Travel Distance
  • 50 g Operating Force
  • V-Power3 Gaming Chip (32-bit ARM core)
  • 2MB onboard memory
  • USB Polling Rate: 1000 Hz
  • Gold-plated USB connector
  • 2 m braided USB Cable
  • Transport Clip
For more information, visit the product page.

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ASUS Republic of Gamers Announces GR6 Gaming Desktop
ASUS Republic of Gamers (ROG) today announced the ROG GR6 ultra-compact desktop, a console-inspired 2.5-liter PC with supreme gaming performance. GR6 is powered by a 5th-generation Intel Core i5 processor and NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960M graphics for Full HD gaming. It features 8GB of DDR3L memory (upgradable to 16GB), and hard disk or solid state drives (SSD). GR6 also has built-in 802.11ac Wi-Fi and comes pre-installed with Windows 8.1. GR6 features a matte-black finish, Mayan-inspired detailing, and a pulsing ROG logo. It is ideal for gaming in the living room or bedroom, and is portable enough to take to LAN parties.

Enhancing the gaming experience

ROG GR6 boasts superior audio and networking hardware and software in its arsenal to give gamers exceptional gaming experiences. SupremeFX, Sonic Studio, and Sonic Radar II work in unison to provide immersive in-game audio, while Intel Gigabit Ethernet and GameFirst III ensure smooth online gaming experiences.

SupremeFX audio delivers immersive sound thanks to a combination of premium components, a design that reduces electromagnetic interference (EMI), and other audio utilities. High-end Japanese-made ELNA audio capacitors provide natural and warm sound reproduction, and render in-game audio effects in greater detail. The analog and digital components of GR6 are isolated and separated from one another to minimize electromagnetic interference. Sonic SenseAmp automatically adjusts the built-in amplifier to match headphone impedance for pitch-perfect sound. Sonic SoundStage lets users tailor in-game audio settings to any game genre; it even works with SteamOS without the need for any additional software.

To help users get the most out of its incredible audio hardware, GR6 features a powerful collection of audio solutions, including Sonic Studio, and Sonic Radar II. Sonic Studio is a tuning suite that features one-click Virtual Surround for 7.1-channel audio, even on 2-channel stereo headsets. It even lets users control Reverb, Bass Boost, Equalizer, Voice Clarity and Smart EQ settings as well for amazing sound.

Sonic Radar II gives gamers an added gaming advantage, allowing them to detect opponents through an onscreen overlay that shows the relative origin of gunshots, footsteps, and other sounds. Intel Gigabit Ethernet gives better throughput without putting a strain on processor resources, and is a feature greatly appreciated by gamers worldwide. It has improved transmission control protocol (TCP) and user datagram protocol (UDP) performance, doubling the speed of similar technologies for small online game packets for lag-free online gaming.

GameFirst III provides lag-free gameplay by prioritizing game packets and allocating more network bandwidth for games. It features four preset packet priority modes, along with a manual setting to give users total control over their network. A built-in Network Monitor tool helps manage network traffic and test connection speeds.

PC gaming on your HDTV instantly with Steam Big Picture Launcher

Steam Big Picture Launcher gives gamers quick access to Steam Big Picture at a touch of a button, giving them a console-like PC gaming experience on a Full HD 1080p TV. The pre-installed Steam utility lets users download games straight to their GR6 in just a few clicks.

In addition, ROG is currently working with Valve to ensure GR6 works perfectly with Steam OS and Steam Controller.

Easy-upgrade design and exceptional cooling performance

ROG GR6 features an upgradable design with slide-off covers for easy access to the 2.5-inch HDD/SSD storage and SO-DIMM memory bays. ROG GR6 is whisper-quiet at just 20dB at idle and 28dB when running at full load - perfect for gaming in the living room or bedroom. It runs cool too, with dual copper heat pipes and a large fan efficiently directing heat away from the CPU and GPU for maximum cooling.

Optional gaming-grade reinforcements

ROG GR6 comes with the optional ROG Gladius mouse and M801 keyboard or the ROG Sica mouse and RA01 keyboard bundles, to ensure users get the most out of their games.

ROG Gladius mouse and M801 Keyboard set

ROG Gladius is a wired optical gaming mouse that gives gamers a competitive advantage in FPS games. Gladius boasts ultra-durable Omron switches with an exclusive easy-swap switch socket design for customizable click resistance, a two-level DPI switch, slide-to-press side switches, and a 6400DPI optical sensor that tracks up to 200 inches per second and 50g acceleration. Gladius is also the first mouse in the world to support a 2000Hz USB polling rate.

The M801 mechanical keyboard has an aggressive geometric design, compact dimensions, and features full anti-ghosting, N-key rollover, and game/PC modes to give PC gamers uncompromised gaming control. It features six backlight modes for low-light gaming environments, and utilizes durable MX-grade red mechanical switches for responsive keystrokes.

ROG Sica mouse and RA01 Keyboard set

ROG Sica is crafted for marathon MOBA gaming, and is designed with input from pro-gaming teams like Taipei Assassins. This ambidextrous 5000 DPI optical gaming mouse optimizes click responsiveness by having the buttons independent of the mouse body, and is especially suited for those with a fingertip grip. Its exclusive easy-swap switch socket design even lets users customize click resistance.

The full-size RA01 gaming keyboard has red-backlit keys with four illumination modes, and has 19-key anti-ghosting for FPS games - allowing gamers to perform precise in-game moves. Multimedia keys give full control over media player and volume levels, while a Windows key lock prevents accidental keystrokes from interrupting gaming sessions.

Additional bundled utilities

ROG GR6 has several ASUS-exclusive features that help improve the user experience. AI Suite III is an intuitive hub that lets users tweak system parameters and other features with just a few mouse clicks. GR6 users who sign up for new accounts will be given 100GB of ASUS WebStorage free for an entire year for easy file sharing and storing. ASUS HomeCloud lets users access ROG GR6 remotely to stream multimedia content or open files online.

USB Charger is also enabled on the front USB port of the GR6 to charge mobile devices in half the time, even when the PC is turned off or in hibernate mode.

GR6 also comes with a one-year full Kaspersky Anti-Virus license for thorough, real-time protection against virus and malware attacks.

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In Win Launches 503 Mid-Tower PC Chassis
In Win Development Inc., a leading innovator in PC design and winner of internationally renowned design awards, has today announced availability of its new 503 mid-tower PC chassis. Available either in black and red with red LED fan, or white and black with white LED fan, with internal matt black coloring and an extra-large window, the 503 perfectly matches modern PC component aesthetics and lets PC DIY builders easily view their creations. The strong, high-quality SECC steel chassis has a unique tempered glass front cover that slides downwards, revealing a single 5.25-inch bay. This creative design keeps the optical drive hidden when not required and mirrors the strong, clean lines of the overall chassis aesthetic.

Internally, ATX, micro-ATX and mini-ITX motherboards are supported with up to 7 expansion slots and as such the 503 accommodates high-end video cards up to 408mm long in high-performance AMD CrossFire or NVIDIA SLI gaming setups. CPU heat sinks up to 170mm are also supported with up to 27mm of space behind the motherboard tray for ease of cable tidying; both spaces are more capacious than direct competitors.

The case affords an excellent balance of cooling with quietness, with support for twin 120mm fans in the front and a single 120mm at the rear and in the floor.

In-Win's EZ Swap drive bays provide tool-less 5.25" external ODD and 3.5" HDD installation, with two more internal 5.25" peripheral and 2.5" SSD bays for expansion.

Expected retail price is highly-affordable, at around $49 USD (subject to market and availability).

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